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City Island Chamber of Commerce
City Island Historical Society
"Hello, I Exist You Know -- That Little Drumstick-Shaped Plot Off Of Pelham Bay Park!" Blog Entry, March 21, 2006
"In The City That Never Sleeps, A Corner Where Streets Are Never Sweeped" Blog Entry, October 17, 2006
"Those Poor, Dumb Strays" Blog Entry, April 9, 2007

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City Island
City Island Avenue (added 4/5/06)

City Island Bridge (added 5/5/06)

City Island Park (added 4/5/06)

Hawkins Sitting Area (added 4/5/06)

Johnny's Reef Restaurant (added 4/5/06)

Pelham Cemetery (added 4/5/06)

Sea Shore Restaurant (added 3/28/08)

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Fordham Road and City Island Avenue, NW Corner

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