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Manhattan Menus
Akdeniz (Turkish), 19 West 46th Street, Midtown

American East Fuzhou Restaurant (Foo Chow Chinese), 54 East Broadway, Chinatown

Big Wing Wong Restaurant (Chinese), 102 Mott Street, Chinatown

Big Wong Restaurant (Chinese), 67 Mott Street, Chinatown

Chinatown Brasserie (Chinese), 380 Lafayette Street, Noho

Congee Village (Chinese), 100 Allen Street, Lower East Side

Daisy May's BBQ (Barbecue), 623 Eleventh Avenue, Clinton-Hell's Kitchen

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant (Chinese), 11 Division Street, Chinatown

Goody's (Chinese), 1 East Broadway, Chinatown

Grand Sichuan (Sichuan Chinese), 125 Canal Street, Chinatown

Grand Sichuan NY (Sichuan Chinese), 227 Lexington Avenue, Midtown

Haandi (Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani), 113 Lexington Avenue, Murray Hill

Hoy Wong Restaurant (Chinese), 81 Mott Street, Chinatown

Hsin Wong Restaurant (Chinese), 72 Bayard Street, Chinatown

Indian Bread Co. (Indian Sandwiches), 194 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village

Kang Suh (Korean), 1250 Broadway, Koreatown, Midtown

Kate's Joint (Vegetarian/Vegan), 58 Avenue B, East Village

Kum Gang San (Korean), 49 West 32nd Street, Koreatown, Midtown

Kunjip Restaurant (Korean), 9 West 32nd Street, Koreatown, Midtown

Le Soleil (Haitian), 877 Tenth Avenue, Clinton/Hell's Kitchen

Little Poland (Polish Diner), 200 Second Avenue, East Village

Mandoo Bar (Korean), 2 West 32nd Street, Koreatown, Midtown

Meskerem (Ethiopian), 468 West 47th Street, Clinton-Hell's Kitchen

Old Shanghai Deluxe (Chinese), 50 Mott Street, Chinatown

Pakistan Tea House (Pakistani), 176 Church Street, Lower Manhattan

Second Avenue Deli (Deli), 156 Second Avenue, East Village

Shanghai Asian Cuisine (Chinese), 14A Elizabeth Street, Chinatown

Shanghai Cafe (Shanghai Chinese), 100 Mott Street, Chinatown

Sigiri (Sri Lankan), 91 First Avenue, East Village

Sukhadia's (Indian), 17 West 45th Street, Midtown

Szechuan Gourmet (Szechuan Chinese), 21 West 39th Street, Midtown

Taprobane (Sri Lankan), 234 West 56th Street, Midtown

Tiffin Wallah (Southern Indian), 127 East 28th Street, Murray Hill

Waverly Restaurant (Diner), 385 Sixth Avenue, West Village

X.O. Cafe (Chinese), 96 Walker Street, Chinatown

Yee Li Restaurant (Chinese), 1 Elizabeth Street, Chinatown

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Mama's Fried Chicken, 111th Street and Lenox Avenue

34th Street-Penn Station 1/2/3 Subway Platform, Midtown Manhattan

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