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Greenwich Village NYC
Greenwich Village Gazette
Village Alliance BID
Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation
Warren Allen Smith's Jane Street Page
"Western Beef Is Dead . . . Long Live Western Beef!" Blog Entry, January 4, 2006
"Nothing A Little High-Density High-Rise Wouldn't Fix . . ." Blog Entry, September 19, 2007

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West Village
Beard House (added 9/9/08)

A Walk Down Bleecker Street in the West Village (added 7/14/04)

Christopher Park (added 4/29/09)

A Walk Down Christopher Street (added 7/14/04)

Cornelia Street Cafe

Father Demo Square (added 10/19/05)

Grom (added 5/23/08)

Hudson River Park:

Jefferson Market Library and Garden (added 5/29/10)

Joe's Pizza (added 5/23/08)

Lucille Lortel Theatre

McCarthy Square (added 1/31/10)

Meatpacking District:

Murray's Cheese Shop (added 12/6/08)

St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan (added 1/31/10)

Tiles For America (added 6/27/07)

Waverly Restaurant (added 8/1/04)

Wogie's Bar & Grill (added 5/26/10)

Waverly Restaurant Menu, 385 Sixth Avenue

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153 Christopher Street, West Village

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