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Banzai 99-Cent Plus in Flushing Mall (added 1/25/04)

Booth Memorial Avenue in Flushing (added 8/9/04)

Bowne Park (added 3/12/06)

Queens Library Flushing Branch (added 12/22/09)

Flushing Cemetery (added 12/22/09)

Flushing Fields-Memorial Field of Flushing (added 3/12/06)

Flushing Greens (added 3/12/06)

Flushing Lunar New Year Parade

Flushing River (added 6/4/06)

Gum Fung (added 11/7/06)

Iron Triangle (added 2/6/06)

Kew Gardens Hills:

King Yum (added 4/24/06)

Lawrence Triangle (added 3/12/06)

Lippmann Arcade (added 5/24/10)

A Walk Down Main Street (added 1/25/04)

Martin's Field (added 12/22/09)

Murray Hill:

New World Mall

Queens Botanical Garden

RKO Keith's Theatre (added 12/22/09)

Ten Ren's Tea Time (added 6/4/06)

Weeping Beech Park (added 3/12/06)

A Fan Ti Menu (Northern Chinese), 136-80 41st Avenue

East Lake Dim Sum Menu, 42-33 Main Street

Fu Run Menu (Northern Chinese), 40-09 Prince Street

Koki-Ri Restaurant Menu (Korean), 144-18 Northern Boulevard

Lake Pavilion Menu (Chinese), 60-15 Main Street

Spicy & Tasty Menu (Szechuan Chinese), 39-07 Prince Street

Xiao La Jiao Sichuan Restaurant (Little Pepper) Menu (Sichuan Chinese), 133-43 Roosevelt Avenue

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LaGuardia-Bound Plane Over Flushing Mall, Flushing, Queens

29th Avenue and 154th Street, NE Corner, Flushing, Queens

Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, Queens

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