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Jackson Heights
A Walk Down 37th Road in Jackson Heights (added 10/3/04)

A Walk Down 74th Street in Jackson Heights (added 10/3/04)

74th Street-Roosevelt Station

82nd Street in Jackson Heights (added 1/14/08)

Burmese Cafe (added 6/26/07)

Delhi Palace Sweets (added 6/27/07)

Dunningham Triangle (added 1/14/08)

Eagle Theater

Jackson Heights Shopping Center

Jackson Triplex (added 1/14/08)

La Nueva Bakery (added 6/26/07)

A Walk Down Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights (added 2/21/04)

Travers Park

Jackson Diner Menu (Indian), 37-47 74th Street

Suadero Tacos Menu (Mexican), 94-06 Roosevelt Avenue

Taqueria Coatzingo Menu (Mexican), 76-05 Roosevelt Avenue

Tibetan Yak Menu (Tibetan), 72-20 Roosevelt Avenue

Unidentified Flying Chickens (UFC) Menu (Korean Fried Chicken), 71-22 Roosevelt Avenue

Zabb Queens Menu (Isaan Thai), 71-28 Roosevelt Avenue

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Roosevelt Drugs & Surgical Supplies, Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, Queens

City Hall Library New York City Street Name Index Card

Bus Stop, 37th Road Between Broadway and 74th Street, Jackson Heights, Queens

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