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Banzai 99 Cent Plus, 53-10 Roosevelt Avenue (added 6/28/04)

Reverend Matthew J. Crosson Memorial Park (added 3/9/06)

Vincent Daniels Square (added 3/9/06)

Donovan's Pub (added 10/5/06)

Doughboy Park (added 3/12/06)

Quick Brown Fox Triangle (added 11/29/07)

A Walk Down Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside (added 2/21/04)

Sohncke Square (added 3/9/06)

Strippoli Square

Woodside LIRR Station

Woodside Memorial Park (added 3/9/06)

Yankees-Mets 2000 World Series Mural

Ihawan Menu (Filipino), 40-06 70th Street

Izalco Menu (Salvadoran), 64-05 Roosevelt Avenue

Lourdess Menu (Filipino), 58-02 37th Avenue

Rajdhani Cafe & Sweets Menu (Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani), 39-26 61st Street

Spicy Mina Menu (Bangladeshi), 64-23 Broadway

Sripraphai Menu (Thai), 64-13 39th Avenue

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Mural Underneath LIRR Tracks, Roosevelt Avenue

La Flor Bakery and Cafe, 52-02 Roosevelt Avenue

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