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About The Blue Cleaver

The Cleaver is divided into four sections: "In," "Out," "Us" and "Them."

The Blue Cleaver: "In"

"In" follows the Bridge and Tunnel Club as we attempt to create our own versions of New York City's wondrous and varied cuisine in tiny apartment kitchens. Thrill to our successes and laugh at our follies. Maybe, just maybe, learn something.

The Blue Cleaver: "Out"

"Out" takes you with the Bridge and Tunnel Club on reconnaissance missions in restaurants, bars, markets and shops far and wide. Encounter the best and the worst of all things edible and quaffable. We aren't experts, but we make up for it with charm.

The Blue Cleaver: "Us"

"Us" explores wildly original culinary experiments conducted by the Bridge and Tunnel Club. Everything you see was made in a New York City kitchen. Do try this at home. Parental discretion is advised.

The Blue Cleaver: "Them"

"Them" finds out what the man on the street thinks, eats and cooks. Read about cookbooks that we love, or love to hate. Learn about specialty foodstuffs from around the globe. If you're not us, you're them.

The Blue Cleaver: Cheese Souffle


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