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March 14, 2007: The Rules

"In my experience, a special is never particularly old -- that food almost always gets served to employees at staff meals."

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December 6, 2006: The Bottom Ten: What Are The Most Annoying Things A Customer Can Do In A Restaurant?

"I simply can't understand why you would want a Chihuahua on your lap while eating a hamburger."

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October 10, 2006: The Tipping Point: A Nine-Part Treatise On The Art And Science Of Restaurant Gratuities

"A steady trickle of sweat tinged with guilt and indignation, or the sure stroke of a pen to rival the trademarked slash of Zorro? Come meal's end, all diners stand somewhere along this spectrum. I get countless questions about a variety of restaurant-related issues, but tipping -- how much, when, and why -- is the single issue that weighs most heavily on everyone's mind."

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March 22, 2006: Do Servers Ever Spit In Your Food?

"In the case of an unreasonable or rude customer, I generally assume they have a problem and don't take it personally. And when these customers do get to me, I have never given a 'spit order' because -- frankly -- I just don't want to live in a world where 'spitting in the food' happens."

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