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Clif Nectar Bars

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Clif Nectar Bars

The Bridge and Tunnel Club has long been skeptical of energy bars of all kinds, assuming them to be either candy in health food clothing or tasteless blocks of stale granola. We have seen the light, and it is Clif Nectar Bars.

Not to be confused with Clif bars en generale, Nectar bars are 100% organic, 170 calories or less, and contain no more than five all natural ingredients. Each chewy bar magically contains two dietary servings of fruit.

Clif Nectar Bars

Currently four flavors are available. Cinnamon Pecan evokes French toast; Cranberry, Apricot, & Almond tastes primarily of the first ingredient; and Lemon, Vanilla, & Cashew is a pleasantly mild mix of all three. Our far and away favorite is Dark Chocolate & Walnut because tastes just like -- dare we say it -- a fudge brownie!

A 1.6 oz Nectar bar is $1.29 at Trader Joe's in Philadelphia, PA. They are sold at Whole Foods and many other health-orientated grocery stores nationwide.


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