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Glouglou "Here and Vicinity" (1995)

Here and Vicinity

Michael, Rob and Scott played on Here and Vicinity. Recorded December 1995. Someone (heh) stupidly cut the bass and turned the treble way up, so it sounds really tinny. Rob did the artwork.

Glouglou "Here and Vicinity" Cassette (1995)

"Summer Job"

download .mp3 (2:18)


download .mp3 (1:47)

"Look Right Look Left"

download .mp3 (2:20)

"Channel Sunset"

download .mp3 (3:49)

"Can He Write the Song?"

download .mp3 (3:01)


download .mp3 (1:55)

"Hearing Test"

download .mp3 (2:47)

"Noisy Transformer"

download .mp3 (2:41)

"Red Rover"

download .mp3 (3:02)


download .mp3 (3:51)


"Summer Job" MP3 (2:18)

"Tempe" MP3 (1:47)

"Look Right Look Left" MP3 (2:20)

"Channel Sunset" MP3 (3:49)

"Can He Write the Song?" MP3 (3:01)

"Agoraphobia" MP3 (1:55)

"Hearing Test" MP3 (2:47)

"Noisy Transformer" MP3 (2:41)

"Red Rover" MP3 (3:02)

"Land" MP3 (3:51)

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