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Glouglou "Indifferent Countries" (1997)

Indifferent Countries

Rob, Kim and Scott played on Indifferent Countries. Recorded between April and June 1997. Rob didn't do the artwork, which is why it looks so dopey.

Glouglou "Indifferent Countries" Cassette (1997)

"La-La Love Song"

download .mp3 (2:59)


download .mp3 (2:57)

"The Back of the Room"

download .mp3 (3:23)

"Traffic Reporter"

download .mp3 (3:40)

"New Year"

download .mp3 (2:32)

"Indifferent Countries"

download .mp3 (2:52)

"Say What You Feel"

download .mp3 (2:36)

"Square One"

download .mp3 (4:09)

"New Favorite Song"

download .mp3 (3:18)

"Indifferent Countries (Reprise)"

download .mp3 (2:19)


"La-La Love Song" MP3 (2:59)

"Christmas" MP3 (2:57)

"The Back of the Room" MP3 (3:23)

"Traffic Reporter" MP3 (3:40)

"New Year" MP3 (2:32)

"Indifferent Countries" MP3 (2:52)

"Say What You Feel" MP3 (2:36)

"Square One" MP3 (4:09)

"New Favorite Song" MP3 (3:18)

"Indifferent Countries (Reprise)" MP3 (2:19)

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