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Glouglou Live at Sutter's Gold

Glouglou played a handful of shows, mostly at a place called Cannery Row in downtown Tempe, AZ, which was near the university.

The Hollywood Alley show (our first) was funny -- Michael, Rob and I were all scared to death. A few of our friends turned out. We played for probably about a half-hour and quickly loaded up the car and left, not even saying bye to the manager. We will never know whether that would have been a paid gig.

Glouglou Flier, Hollywood Alley, Mesa, AZ, February 13, 1996

Of all the shows Glouglou played, the best one was on April 23, 1996 at a place called Sutter's Gold, 1458 North Scottsdale Road, which was located in a strip mall on the Tempe end of Scottsdale Road. These songs are all from that show.

Glouglou Live at Sutter's Gold Flier

"Summer Job"

download .mp3 (2:46)

"Hearing Test"

download .mp3 (3:11)

"Can He Write The Song?"

download .mp3 (2:50)


download .mp3 (1:48)


download .mp3 (4:44)


download .mp3 (4:21)

"Halogen Fog"

download .mp3 (5:01)


download .mp3 (2:12)

"You Can't Help Where You Were Raised"

download .mp3 (2:48)

"Noisy Transformer"

download .mp3 (2:35)


download .mp3 (1:33)

"Channel Sunset"

download .mp3 (3:30)

"History of Arizona"

download .mp3 (3:28)


download .mp3 (5:24)

"The Big Bopper"

download .mp3 (2:58)

Union Plaza Strip Mall, North Scottsdale Road, Tempe, Arizona, Former Site of Sutter's Gold

Glouglou Cannery Row Flier, May 23, 1996

Cannery Row Business Card

Glouglou Cannery Row Flier, June 7, 1996


"Summer Job (live)" MP3 (2:46)

"Hearing Test (live)" MP3 (3:11)

"Can He Write The Song? (live)" MP3 (2:50)

"Coin (live)" MP3 (1:48)

"Wait (live)" MP3 (4:44)

"Claim (live)" MP3 (4:21)

"Halogen Fog (live)" MP3 (5:01)

"Agoraphobia (live)" MP3 (2:12)

"You Can't Help Where You Were Raised (live)" MP3 (2:48)

"Noisy Transformer (live)" MP3 (2:35)

"Tempe (live)" MP3 (1:33)

"Channel Sunset (live)" MP3 (3:30)

"History of Arizona (live)" MP3 (3:28)

"Comet (live)" MP3 (5:24)

"The Big Bopper (live)" MP3 (2:58)

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