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"Will Shortz' Bitch"

"Will Shortz' Bitch"

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"Will Shortz' Bitch (demo 10/02)"

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"Will Shortz' Bitch (live 11/01)"

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Los Muchachos Grocery, 562 West 175th Street, Upper Manhattan

Killing time last night
Waiting in line to get my fix
The crowd as usual had nothing to say
Except for "I've done that" and "I think this"

But I liked the way I looked in the bathroom mirror because it captured my good side

And I stared at myself thinking just how smart it was to blow through all that cash trying to feel halfway high

The Sunday Times -- well, fuckin' A -- Magazine made me cry today
And I as usual had nothing to say holding my pen to the crossword page

What's a 21-letter phrase for a minor glitch?
Fuckin' A, the neighbors are at it again
You can just call me "Will Shortz' Bitch"

So I go down to the corner store
To get my weekly Quick Pick
Great things happen I am sure to those who deserve it

The clerk there who's always working recognizes me and I explain to him how I'm gonna win the lottery

"Yes, Boss," he says, "yes, please, yes my friend -- you look lucky to me"

145 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"Will Shortz' Bitch" Lyrics and Chords

"Will Shortz' Bitch" Draft

"Will Shortz' Bitch" Draft

"Will Shortz' Bitch" Draft

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