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"Strictly for the birds," The Times (UK), March 21, 2005

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North Brother Island
Boiler Room (added 5/9/06)

Church (added 5/9/06)

Coal House (added 5/9/06)

Dock Area (added 5/9/06)

Grounds (added 5/9/06)

Male Dormitory (added 5/9/06)

Morgue (added 5/9/06)

Nurses' Home (added 5/9/06)

Physician's Home (added 5/9/06)

Riverside Hospital Drug Rehab Art (added 5/9/06)

Service Building (added 5/9/06)

Shop and Storage Building (added 5/9/06)

Southeastern Shore/Wood Dock (added 5/9/06)

Tuberculosis Pavilion (added 5/9/06)

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Tuberculosis Pavilion, North Brother Island, The Bronx

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