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Van Cortlandt Park Historical Sign
Van Cortlandt Park Virtual Tour's Van Cortlandt Park Page
Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
"City forced to pull plug on wireless access in Vannie," Riverdale Press, January 15, 2009
"Though Nothing Has Been Proved" Blog Entry, April 24, 2008

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Van Cortlandt Park
Van Cortlandt Park in Fall (added 11/12/05)

Kelly Fields (added 4/11/06)

Memorial Grove (added 4/11/06)

Parade Ground (added 4/11/06)

Riverdale Equestrian Centre (added 4/11/06)

Thirteen Stone Pillars (added 4/11/06)

Van Cortlandt Lake (added 4/11/06)

Van Cortlandt Stadium (added 4/11/06)

Vault Hill (added 4/11/06)

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East 233rd Street and Jerome Avenue, NE Corner, The Bronx

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