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Brighton Neighborhood Association
Buddy Bee's Brighton Beach Page
New York Times' "If You're Thinking of Living in Brighton Beach"
Guardian (U.K.) "Little Odessa File"
Brighton Beach by Vitali Vitaliev
"What's Next -- The Brighton Beach Country Club?" Blog Entry, June 8, 2006
"Hurricane Ekaterina? Or, Katrina The Great Freaks Out Brighton Beach" Blog Entry, June 16, 2006
"Russian Bookstores Zhirinovskied" Blog Entry, July 20, 2006

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Brighton Beach
Babi Yar Triangle (added 9/28/07)

A Walk Down Brighton Beach Avenue (added 3/22/04)

Brighton Beach Boardwalk (added 11/5/06)

Brighton Beach Municipal Parking Field (added 9/28/07)

Brighton Playground (added 9/28/07)

La Brioche Espresso (added 11/5/06)

M & I International Foods (added 11/5/06)

Tatiana Grill (added 9/28/07)

Gina's Cafe Menu, 409 Brighton Beach Avenue

Primorski Banquet Menu, 282 Brighton Beach Avenue

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BBI Recreation Area Street Sign, Brighton Beach Avenue

3152 Brighton 6th Street, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

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