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Lake Placid
Lake Placid, New York Wikipedia Entry
Lake Placid Olympic Regional Development Authority

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Lake Placid
Caribbean Cowboy (added 1/10/08)

Downtown Diner (added 1/10/08)

Howard Johnson's (added 1/10/08)

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery (added 1/10/08)

Lake Placid Summit Hotel (added 1/10/08)

Main Street (added 1/10/08)

Mid's Park (added 1/10/08)

Mirror Lake (added 1/10/08)

Olympic Center:

Olympic Jumping Complex (added 1/10/08)

Olympic Speed Skating Oval (added 1/10/08)

Olympic Sports Complex:

Olympic Venues (added 1/10/08)

Palace Theater (added 1/10/08)

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Route 73, Lake Placid, New York

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