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City of Chicago
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times

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Billy Goat Tavern & Grill (added 5/19/04)

Chicago Architecture Foundation River Tour (added 5/19/04)

Chicago Cultural Center (added 5/19/04)

Congress Plaza Hotel (added 5/19/04)

Devon Avenue (added 5/19/04)

El Train (added 5/19/04)

The Loop (added 5/19/04)

Michigan Avenue (added 5/19/04)

Michigan Avenue Bridge (added 5/19/04)

Chicago's North Side (added 5/19/04)

O'Hare International Airport

Santa Fe Building (added 5/19/04)

Wrigley Field (added 5/19/04)

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Chicago Theater

Chicago City Seal on Bus Shelter, Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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