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Municipalidad Provincial de Puno
Puno Wikipedia Entry

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Api El Moradito (added 8/30/10)

Puno Cathedral/Catedral de Puno (added 8/30/10)

Ekeko's Restaurant (added 8/30/10)

Iglesia de San Juan (added 8/30/10)

Intiqa Hotel (added 8/30/10)

Kero's Restaurant (added 8/30/10)

Mercado Central (added 8/30/10)

Parque Pino (added 8/30/10)

Plaza de Armas (added 8/30/10)

Puerto de Puno/Puno Port (added 8/30/10)

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Puno, Peru

Puno Cathedral/Catedral de Puno, Puno, Peru

Manco Cápac Statue, Cerrito de Huajsapata From Plaza de Armas, Puno, Peru

Parque Pino, Puno, Peru

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