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"Spent Ten Years In Long Island City And Neither CVS Nor Gristedes' Felt Any Pity . . . We Carried Groceries From Everywhere! The Bodega's Prices, They Were Never Fair!" Blog Entry, October 3, 2007
"I Guess This Also Means Plans For The Methadone Clinic Are On The Back Burner?" Blog Entry, November 28, 2007

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Hunters Point
2nd Street

21st Street-Van Alst Subway Station (added 9/27/07)

2100 Hunters Point Avenue

46th Road in Hunters Point (added 9/27/07)

47th Avenue in Hunters Point (added 12/16/08)

48th Avenue in Hunters Point (added 2/5/05)

48-19 Vernon Boulevard (added 5/25/10)

49th Avenue in Hunters Point (added 2/5/05)

49th Avenue Sneakers

5th Street in Hunters Point (added 2/25/07)

50th Avenue in Hunters Point (added 1/7/05)

51st Avenue in Hunters Point

7 Train Detour (added 3/1/09)

Andrews Grove (added 11/20/06)

Avalon Riverview

Avalon Riverview North:

Bella Via (added 3/23/10)

Cangro Transmission Company Building (added 5/15/08)

Communitea (added 12/16/08)

Demolition of the Daily News Building (added 9/21/04)

Dominie's Hoek (added 1/20/08)

Dutch Kill (added 12/12/08)

E&I Deli & Grocery

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks from Hunters Point, Long Island City, Queens, July 4, 2004 (added 7/5/04)

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks from Gantry Plaza State Park, July 4, 2007 (added 7/5/07)

Gantry Plaza State Park:

The Gantry (added 5/25/10)

Hunters Point Community Park (added 10/5/07)

Hunters Point Long Island City Greenmarket (added 3/23/10)

Hunters Point Library

Hunters Point South

Hunters Point South Park

Hunters Point-Henge, February 24, 2008 (added 2/24/08)

A Walk Down Jackson Avenue (added 3/26/04)

L Haus

LIC Community Garden (added 10/21/10)

LIC Flea & Food

McReilly's Pub (added 10/5/08)

M.P. Laundromat (added 6/24/06)

M. Wells Diner (added 12/7/10)

Manducatis Rustica (added 11/23/08)

2004 New York City Marathon from Hunters Point (added 11/8/04)

2006 New York City Marathon from Hunters Point (added 6/19/07)

The Newtown Creek Loop (added 3/17/04):

Destruction of the Norval Cement Silos (added 12/10/03)

Old Hickory Park

PJ Leahy's (added 3/23/10)

Queens-Midtown Tunnel

Queens West Sportsfield (added 2/23/10)

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church (added 11/23/08)

Schwartz Chemical Company Building (Former Pennsylvania Railroad Generating Plant) (added 1/8/05)

The Fall of the Schwartz Chemical Company Building Smokestacks (added 5/10/05)

Sky Blue Foundation New Pictures (added 10/5/07)

Manhattan Skyline

Solarium (added 11/23/08)

Subway Parking

Titanic House (added 2/20/07)


Tribute in Light from Hunters Point (added 12/13/06)

Vernon Boulevard:

Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue Station

Vernon Mall (added 4/28/09)

Water Taxi Beach (added 6/24/06)

Mario's Deli Menu, 47-23 Vernon Boulevard

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Hunters Point, Long Island City, Queens From 34th Street and the East River, Midtown Manhattan

Gantry, Gantry Plaza State Park, Hunters Point, Long Island City, Queens, February 5, 2005

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