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Ibarra Hot Chocolate

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Ibarra Hot Chocolate

Apr�s subway, the Bridge and Tunnel Club likes to tuck into a cup of hot chocolate to sooth the winter chill. Lately we're favoring Ibarra, the "Authentic Mexican Chocolate." It's only fair given that the Aztecs did invent the stuff.

Ibarra Sweet Chocolate

Ibarra comes in a bright yellow hexagonal box that in itself trumps the lame purple cylinder of our former favorite, Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate. Open the box to find individually wrapped discs of rich chocolate laced with cinnamon. We'll admit that this makes Ibarra slightly more cumbersome than powdered chocolates, as one must snap off wedges of chocolate and pulverize them to ensure they'll melt in hot milk. The hard work pays off in rich, spicy chocolate that will never tempt you to add marshmallows.

A 1 lb 2.6 oz box of Ibarra will make about 24 cups and costs $3.99 at Ranch Market in Phoenix, AZ. It is sold at Mexican grocery shops and online at


Chocolate Ibarra Official Website

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