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Pork Dumplings

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Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh?

Pork Dumplings: Pillsbury Dough

Blue Cleaver associate Greg is a man's man. He's a meat man. He's got no time for woman stuff like bread dough and puff pastry. So when he makes himself a plate of pork dumplings, he deploys a home cook's secret weapon: Pillsbury Biscuits.

Pork Dumplings: Dough

Culinary purists can hate all they want, but this is one heck of a good shortcut to porky goodness. Besides, everybody loves popping that pressurized tube.

Pork Dumplings: Dough

Lightly flour a cutting board and separate the biscuits.

Pork Dumplings: Rolling The Dough

Next, roll them flat with the rolling pin. Press hard: this supermarket dough is on the springy side.

Pork Dumplings: The Filling

You can fill these puppies with whatever you like, be it vegetables, meats, or sweets. We used freshly ground pork mixed with chopped ginger and onions.

Pork Dumplings: Filling The Dough

Grab a circle of dough and about a tablespoon of filler

Pork Dumplings: Filling The Dough

Center the filling and pull up the sides, adding more filling if you can.

Pork Dumplings: Filling The Dough

Fold the top together like a little girly purse.

Pork Dumplings: Pre-Cooked Dumpling

Show off to your friends.

Pork Dumplings: Pre-Cooked Dumplings

The dumplings will look pretty fluffy even before they cook. Such is the way of the Doughboy.

Pork Dumplings: Oil In The Pan

Pork Dumplings: Adding The Vinegar

Heat a little oil and a few tablespoons of vinegar in a frying pan that has a lid. You didn't think we'd steam these did you?

Pork Dumplings: Adding The Dumplings

Place the dumplings in there gently.

Pork Dumplings: Adding The Water

Add water to cover the bottoms of the dumplings.

Pork Dumplings: Cooking The Dumplings

They should be sitting in a puddle, not swimming in it.

Pork Dumplings: Cover The Pan

Cover the pan.

Pork Dumplings: Making The Sauce

Now, the all-important dipping sauce. You want some crushed garlic . . .

Pork Dumplings: Making The Sauce

and soy sauce . . .

Pork Dumplings: Making The Sauce

. . . indeed, lots of soy sauce.

Pork Dumplings

When the dumplings are looking puffy and slightly golden, pull them out.

Pork Dumplings

Check the bottoms: they should be crispy and brown.

Pork Dumplings

Dip and eat!


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