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Tastykake Pancakes

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Tastykake Pankakes

Ah, Tastykakes. The favorite snack of Philadelphians looking for a sugar fix holds a dear place in our Bridge and Tunnel hearts, so much so that we occasionally import them to New York. Unlike many mass-produced snack cakes, Tastykakes actually have an expiration date. Sometimes we have a few packs leftover that we just can't finish in time, and those become tasty pancakes.

Ingredients For Tastykake Pancakes: Milk, Eggs, Tastykakes

All you'll need are some Tastykakes, milk, and eggs. If you don't have Tastykakes, use some day old baked goods. We cannot condone the consumption of Drake's, Hostess, Entenmann's, or similar.

Tastykake Pancakes: Preparing The Cuisinart

Shuck your packages.

Tastykake Pancakes: Into The Cuisinart

In they go, one by one.

Tastykake Pancakes: In The Cuisinart

This is what food processors were made to do.

Tastykake Pancakes: Adding An Egg

Add an egg.

Tastykake Pancakes: Adding The Milk

Add some milk.

Tastykake Pancakes: Firing Up The Cuinsinart


Tastykake Pancakes Mix

Yummy chocolate slurry is born.

Tastykake Pancakes: On To Hot Griddle

Now you'll form pancakes on a lightly buttered, hot griddle.

Tastykake Pancakes: On The Griddle

The batter is very watery, so be careful.

Tastykake Pancakes: Wait Until Bubbles Appear, Then Flip

When they bubble all over, flip them.

Tastykake Pancakes: Ready To Eat With Or Without Syrup

No toppings needed. After all, you're basically eating cupcakes.



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