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Earl Grey (1992 to 1994)

"Earl Grey" (read: Scott playing all instruments) did the "Monsoon" b/w "Halogen Fog" single (1992). 500 copies were pressed, of which several hundred remain. Each numbered copy features a two-color silkscreened cover.


download .mp3 (3:06)

"Halogen Fog"

download .mp3 (3:53)

Earl Grey Monsoon 7"

Michael, Rob, Josh and Scott played for a time between Fall 1992 and Spring 1993. One live show happened outside of a party on 9th Street in Tempe, AZ on New Year's Eve 1992-93.

"Winter in Phoenix (live)"

download .mp3 (2:23)

Michael, Brandon and Scott were in the band around 1994, playing one show at a youth function at a synagogue at which they opened for a band named Chlorine who laughed at Earl Grey's dinky amplifiers.

"Hamlet (live)"

download .mp3 (2:22)


"Monsoon" MP3 (3:06)

"Halogen Fog" MP3 (3:53)

"Winter in Phoenix (live)" MP3 (2:23)

"Hamlet (live)" MP3 (2:22)

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