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Glouglou (1995 to 1997)

Glouglou, taking its name from a French onomatopoeia for the sound of wine gurgling out of a bottle (pretentious? nah!), existed from Fall 1995 to Spring 1997. It recorded three tapes on primitive four-track technology: Here and Vicinity, History of Arizona and Indifferent Countries. Glouglou played a handful of shows, perhaps a half-dozen in all. The owner of Cannery Row, pictured below, actually had us back a couple of times. He had a thick east-coast accent and called us the "glue-glues."

Glouglou Live at Cannery Row, 705 South Forest Avenue, Tempe, Arizona, 1996

Glouglou made three recordings, Here and Vicinity (1995), History of Arizona (1996) and Indifferent Countries (1997), and played live around Phoenix, Arizona.


Glouglou "Here and Vicinity" (1995)

Glouglou "History of Arizona" (1996)

Glouglou "Indifferent Countries" (1997)

Glouglou Live at Sutter's Gold, April 23, 1996

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