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"Maspeth Haze"

"Maspeth Haze"

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"Maspeth Haze (demo 10/02)"

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Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Near Downtown Brooklyn, New York City

Oh my god I wish I could have seen that boy's green face hanging out the window and speeding down the expressway
I didn't think at the time I was all that drunk
But when he vomited in the car I sure sobered up

We took his ass all the way back home
And made him wash off the window with his mother's garden hose and a big red moon set that night at half-past five
It slid right behind the Statue of Liberty; I saw it from the driver's side

You feel exuberant
We play along
You say you're losing it
But that's just bizarre

You are a saint for driving my ass home so late
On the way I watched dawn break
It broke over New England first and then it settled into the Maspeth haze

I watched dawn break -- it broke all over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Do you remember those tanks with the red and white checks that you used to see so much?
Well until recently they were the biggest things that I had ever seen get blown up

We either exuberant
Or just plain wrong
Automatically stupid
Or intentionally flawed
But you know as soon as I get home I'm waking up

Grand Avenue Near the LIE, Maspeth, Queens

Dawn, Looking Towards Maspeth from Hunters Point, Queens

"Maspeth Haze" Lyrics and Chords

"Maspeth Haze" Draft

"Maspeth Haze" Draft

"Maspeth Haze" Draft

"Maspeth Haze" Draft

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