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The Bridge and Tunnel Club website was started in August 2003. The Big Map made its debut in November 2003. The Blog started in September 2004. The Blue Cleaver began in March 2006. Search Referrers of the Day began in January 2008. The Clink began in September 2010. The Slightest began in October 2010. Our YouTube page is here. Follow us: @batclub.

All the photos on the Big Map were taken by one of us -- part of the "concept," such as there is one, is that we actually visited these places ourselves and explored them firsthand. Yes, we hold the rights to all the images on the Big Map -- if you're interested in using them, feel free to contact us at info <at> for rates for print publications and/or high-resolution images. If you're looking for a particular image, don't hesitate to ask us -- we may be able to help you find what you're looking for.

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