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Straphangers Campaign
Station to Station Project by Lisa Gidley
"Ms. Subways 2004" Blog Entry, October 26, 2004
"Subway Photo Ban" Blog Entry, November 30, 2004
"Subway Photo Ban" Blog Entry, January 7, 2005
"Number 9 . . . Number 9 . . ." Blog Entry, January 12, 2005
"iPods Are the New Rubik's Cubes" Blog Entry, March 24, 2005
"'Protect Your Device'" Blog Entry, April 28, 2005
"Number 9" Blog Entry, May 25, 2005
"New MTA Rules to Encourage Running on the Platform" Blog Entry, June 28, 2005
"About Those New Rules" Blog Entry, June 29, 2005
"MTA Retreats Like The Weepy Little Dogs They Are . . . For Now" Blog Entry, June 30, 2005
"Brazenly Flouting Open Container Laws; We're Screwed" Blog Entry, July 8, 2005
"Random Subway Searches Begin" Blog Entry, July 22, 2005
"Their Rabbit-Ass Mind" Blog Entry, July 25, 2005
"Is That Legal?" Blog Entry, July 25, 2005
"Subway Rules, Not Mine" Blog Entry, September 20, 2005
"Say No To Diversions!" Blog Entry, October 24, 2005
"Trapped Behind Gates Like Lower-Class Citizens No More!" Blog Entry, November 1, 2005
"The Ten Worst Subway Stations" Blog Entry, November 3, 2005
"We Need A New Smokey!" Blog Entry, November 28, 2005
"12-9" Blog Entry, December 5, 2005
"G Love (And That Special Sprint)" Blog Entry, December 6, 2005
"Would You Like To Come Up And See My Etchings?" Blog Entry, January 10, 2006
"How To Survive A Fall Onto The Subway Tracks" Blog Entry, January 30, 2006
"Post Headline Of The Day" Blog Entry, February 1, 2006
"Being Thrown Or Falling In Front Of An Oncoming Subway Train -- And Surviving!" Blog Entry, February 1, 2006
"Long-Tailed Terrorists Benefit From Bottomless Garbage Cans" Blog Entry, February 6, 2006
"And What's More, They Start Track Fires" Blog Entry, February 28, 2006
"Losing The First Prosthetic Leg Posed A Problem, But Misplacing The Second One Was Devastating" Blog Entry, March 2, 2006
"This Metrocard Machine Kills Terrorists" Blog Entry, March 9, 2006
"Which Intern Had To Figure Out That?" Blog Entry, March 20, 2006
"So At 3 A.M. You'll Know For Sure You Have To Wait Twenty Minutes As Opposed To Assuming That You'll Have To Wait Twenty Minutes" Blog Entry, March 22, 2006
"If You Can't Shame Subway Performers Into Considerate Behavior, Try Clipping Their Wings, Or, When Subway Performers Are Unable To Exit Cars, It Just Means They Have More Time To Annoy You" Blog Entry, April 17, 2006
"How About Taking Some Of That $300 Million You Made Off Of Corporatizing Graffiti And Putting It Into New Subway Windows?" Blog Entry, April 25, 2006
"Ironic, Because Everyone Knows The G Never Comes" Blog Entry, May 8, 2006
"In The Eternal Words Of Jimi, Cover Your Ears!" Blog Entry, May 22, 2006
"Please Tap Again At This Turnstile" Blog Entry, June 2, 2006
"No Word Yet On The Battery-Seller Lasso Event" Blog Entry, June 7, 2006
"Moral Of The Story: When Relieving Oneself In Subway Tunnels, Piss Just Beyond The Station, Not Before It" Blog Entry, June 7, 2006
"We'll Fix It With Plywood . . . And Plastic!" Blog Entry, June 19, 2006
"I Can't Wait For The New NYC-TV Series 'Operation Exposure'" Blog Entry, June 23, 2006
"Here's A Shocker" Blog Entry, June 26, 2006
"MTA Ms. Subways 2004 Contest" Blog Entry, September 29, 2004
"The Teddy Bear Was A Nice Touch But It Won't Fool A Jury" Blog Entry, July 7, 2006
"I'm Killing Myself And Taking The Entire Morning Rush With Me" Blog Entry, July 11, 2006
"If You See Something, Ignore It Lest You Get Arrested" Blog Entry, July 21, 2006
"The Little Train That Couldn't Get Any Respect" Blog Entry, July 21, 2006
"If You Live Along The 6 Train, The Headline Is 'The No. 6 Is Rated No. 1 In Straphangers' Report'" Blog Entry, August 1, 2006
"You Say 'Tomato,' I Say 'The N And W Lines Suck Eggs'" Blog Entry, August 3, 2006
"De Facto Termination!" Blog Entry, August 8, 2006
"Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" Blog Entry, August 16, 2006
"'Plum Assignment' Handles 256 Riders A Day" Blog Entry, August 21, 2006
"But What If You're The Sick Passenger?" Blog Entry, August 22, 2006
"Because It's Not Like Thousands Of People Carry 'A Liquid' With Them . . ." Blog Entry, August 23, 2006
"Will Records Fall?" Blog Entry, August 24, 2006
"Slow Trains To Astoria And The Bronx -- You Don't Say!" Blog Entry, August 25, 2006
"Who Thinks Subway Maps Can Be Controversial? This Guy!" Blog Entry, September 5, 2006
"A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma At The End Of A Cord" Blog Entry, September 14, 2006
"He Came Dancing Across The Water, Cortez -- What A Killer" Blog Entry, September 21, 2006
"Low Hanging Fruit" Blog Entry, September 25, 2006
"For $2.1 Billion, We Better Get Expos Up The Ying Yang" Blog Entry, September 29, 2006
"But No One Is Cooler Than That One-Man Tango Couple . . . No One" Blog Entry, October 4, 2006
"MTA To Train Enthusiasts: Sit Down!" Blog Entry, October 10, 2006
"Metal Machine Music" Blog Entry, October 11, 2006
"Killed By Rudeness" Blog Entry, October 19, 2006
"Drain-Clogging Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" Blog Entry, October 26, 2006
"I Told You Not To Lean Against The Door!" Blog Entry, November 7, 2006
"No Need To Panic" Blog Entry, November 30, 2006
"Express Trains . . . Who Needs Them?" Blog Entry, January 2, 2007
"Step Aside, Let Passengers Off, Move All The Way Into The Car, Eat Something -- Anything -- Even A Slice Of Bread -- Before Leaving In The Morning" Blog Entry, January 3, 2007
"Man Of The Year" Blog Entry, January 3, 2007
"Underground Cell-Phone Reception Overtaken By Technology; Apparently All Of Those Unsightly Towers Are Actually Doing Something!" Blog Entry, January 8, 2007
"Ladies And Gentlemen, The Next L Train Will Be Arriving 5 A.M. Monday" Blog Entry, January 16, 2007
"Give With One Hand And Take Away With The Other" Blog Entry, January 17, 2007
"Ketchup-Versus-Relish Between-Inning Fun For Subway Enthusiasts" Blog Entry, January 29, 2007
"I Guess That Counts As A Good Enough Excuse" Blog Entry, February 9, 2007
"Hey Dick Wolf -- Here's Another 'Idea,' You Sick Turd" Blog Entry, February 12, 2007
"How Long Will It Take For Sad Sack Sentimentalists To Mourn Not Having To Lean Over The Platform To Search For Headlights On Faraway Tracks, Noting The Telltale Scurrying Of Rats Or Straining To Hear The Plaintive Click Of A 100-Year-Old Switch?" Blog Entry, February 20, 2007
"Precious Metals Scavengers -- I Hate Those Guys" Blog Entry, February 26, 2007
"Blame The Victim" Blog Entry, February 26, 2007
"Forget The Stench, Plant Your Face In The Trench!" Blog Entry, March 6, 2007
"They Got Capone On Tax Evasion, They'll Get You For Walking Between Cars" Blog Entry, March 27, 2007
"And Here You Were Scoffing At The Idea Of Ferry Service From Schaefer Landing" Blog Entry, May 22, 2007
"Thirty Seconds Over Broadway Junction" Blog Entry, June 11, 2007
"Can Anyone Explain Why This Isn't Already A Reality Television Show?" Blog Entry, June 14, 2007
"If Only The City Health Department Got Them To Start Selling Apples Then Maybe Yellow M&Ms Would Cease To Exist" Blog Entry, June 25, 2007
"Sir, Ma'am, Please Allow Me My 20-Inch Bubble . . ." Blog Entry, June 26, 2007
"Yes, Daddy, It's Positively Miserable And You Care Not A Whit!" Blog Entry, June 28, 2007
"The Devil Bowed His Head Because He Knew That He'd Been Beat And He Laid That Golden Fiddle On The Ground At Tommy's Feet" Blog Entry, July 5, 2007
"John Liu Knows What LL Cool J Knows About What You Can Do With Six Minutes" Blog Entry, July 20, 2007
"On Lowering Expectations To Virtually Nothing (MTA Take Note!)" Blog Entry, July 24, 2007
"Don't We Need A New Name Now That The Actual Times Has Moved Over To Eighth Avenue?" Blog Entry, July 26, 2007
"Public Appearances Are Difficult To Pull Off When No One Recognizes You; Man-On-The-Street Interviews Few And Far Between (Like G Train Service!)" Blog Entry, July 27, 2007
"Like Foxes In Henhouses, Pedophiles In Schools Or Alcoholics In Distilleries . . ." Blog Entry, July 30, 2007
"That's Great . . . If Only The MTA Signed My Timecard" Blog Entry, August 8, 2007
"Did The V Train Forget To Wipe Off Its Feet After Playing Outside Or Something?" Blog Entry, August 14, 2007
"The Subway's Not-So-Fresh Feeling" Blog Entry, August 17, 2007
"Congestion Pricing . . . Potentially Deadly?" Blog Entry, August 27, 2007
"The Subway Experience As Multi-User Dungeon" Blog Entry, August 28, 2007
"Happy Birthday, Train!" Blog Entry, September 10, 2007
"Yeah, Uh, We'll Give You Forty Bucks For It" Blog Entry, September 20, 2007
"U Will B Late 2 Work" Blog Entry, September 21, 2007
"Can We Quit With Congestion Pricing Schemes Already?" Blog Entry, September 25, 2007
"This Makes Perfect Cents . . ." Blog Entry, September 27, 2007
"It's Still Not Clear Whether Anyone Has Ever Successfully Surfed Below Ground" Blog Entry, October 16, 2007
"The Hey-Buddy-Move-Your-Fat-Ass-Away-From-The-Crowded-Stairway Initiative" Blog Entry, October 17, 2007
"And Before This Starts Some Sort Of Cloying Trend, Let's Be Clear -- Getting Press From The Post Doesn't Make It Any Less Like Stalking" Blog Entry, November 7, 2007
"Someone Obviously Spent Too Much Time Playing Monopoly Over Thanksgiving Weekend" Blog Entry, December 6, 2007
"Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, But When The Times Interviews You Try Not To Be Such A Douche" Blog Entry, December 7, 2007
"A Gentleman's C" Blog Entry, December 10, 2007
"Don't Lose Stuff On The Subway Because You Might Not See It Again" Blog Entry, December 14, 2007
"The Best Way To Deal With A Wasteful Gimmick? Pile On!" Blog Entry, January 9, 2008
"The Everything Bagel Theory Of Fare Collection . . ." Blog Entry, March 4, 2008
"What Did You Expect, D.C.?" Blog Entry, March 26, 2008
"Ce N'est Pas Une Bombe" Blog Entry, March 28, 2008
"Stand Clear Of The Cimex Lectularius" Blog Entry, May 8, 2008
"$1 Billion Later, MTA Capital Program To Install More Makeshift Bathrooms Fails To Show Results" Blog Entry, May 19, 2008
"Have You Ever Actually Used Those Things?" Blog Entry, June 5, 2008
"Give This Man A Job Already!" Blog Entry, June 15, 2008
"You Can't Always Get What You Want" Blog Entry, June 18, 2008
"Give A Hoot, Groping Brute!" Blog Entry, July 15, 2008
"I Said A Skip Stop The Skippy To The Skippy The Skip Stop, And You Don't Stop" Blog Entry, July 22, 2008
"Even If They Had Toilet Paper . . ." Blog Entry, July 30, 2008
"Next Thing You Know We'll Have MetroCard Co-Ops And MetroCard Subscriptions" Blog Entry, August 15, 2008
"The Tautological Brilliance Of The MTA" Blog Entry, August 28, 2008
"In Case You Ever Wondered Why Bus Rapid Transit Isn't More Appreciated . . ." Blog Entry, November 24, 2008
"The Easy Solution . . ." Blog Entry, December 17, 2008
"While Large Swaths Of The Outer Boroughs Lack Bus Service, Much Less Subway Service And Nearly Every Other City In The World Closes Its Subway System In The Middle Of The Night . . ." Blog Entry, December 19, 2008
"They Keep Trying To Anthropomorphize The Subway And Riders Just Can't 'C' It" Blog Entry, January 13, 2009

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New York City Subway
103rd Street Subway Station

103rd Street-Corona Plaza Station (added 4/6/11)

125th Street-Broadway Subway Station (added 9/5/07)

14 Street Subway Station (added 11/24/10)

14th Street-Union Square Subway Station (added 4/28/09)

15th Street-Prospect Park Subway Station

1974 Subway Map

21st Street-Queensbridge Subway Station (added 10/5/07)

21st Street-Van Alst Subway Station (added 9/27/07)

34th Street-Herald Square Subway Station

34th Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station

36th Avenue Subway Station

4th Avenue-9th Street Station

40th Street-Lowery Street 7 Train Station (added 12/16/08)

45th Rd-Court Square Station

46th Street-Bliss Street 7 Train Station (added 12/16/08)

47th-50th Streets-Rockefeller Center Subway Station

5 Avenue-Bryant Park Subway Station (added 2/6/08)

57th Street-Seventh Avenue Subway Station

View From The 7 Train In Queens (added 2/5/04)

74th Street-Roosevelt Station

Astoria Boulevard Subway Station (added 5/23/08)

Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center Subway Station

Bowling Green Subway Station (added 10/13/08)

Broad Channel Subway Station (added 1/6/05)

Broadway Junction (added 10/7/10)

Centennial Special Subway Ride (Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle), October 27, 2004 (added 10/27/04)

Chambers Street JMZ Station (added 9/10/04)

Cortlandt Street Subway Station

Ditmars Boulevard Subway Station

East Broadway Station (added 4/27/08)

Fifth Avenue-59th Street Subway Station

Franklin Avenue Shuttle (added 6/4/06)

Franklin Street Subway Station

Fulton Street Transit Center

Grand Central-42nd Streeet Subway Station (added 2/1/08)

Greenpoint Avenue Subway Station

High Street-Brooklyn Bridge Subway Station (added 5/27/08)

Houston Street Subway Station

Lexington Avenue-63rd Street Subway Station (added 5/26/10)

View From The Manhattan Bridge from the Q and D Trains (added 3/23/04)


Myrtle Avenue-Broadway Station (added 10/7/10)

N Train

Nassau Avenue Subway Station

New York Transit Museum

Prince Street Subway Station

Queensboro Plaza Subway Station (added 8/8/07)

R Train

A Ride On The Redbird

Smith-9th Street Station (added 9/16/04)

South Ferry Subway Station (added 10/5/08)

Spring Street Subway Station (Soho)

Subway Signage

Times Square Subway Station (added 10/1/07)

2005 Transit Strike (added 12/21/05)

Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue Station

West Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue Subway Station

Willets Point-Shea Stadium Subway Station (added 12/17/07)

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7 Train, Fifth Avenue Station


Subway Stop, Upper West Side, Manhattan

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