Census Tract 143

The news about New York City's disappointing 2010 Census numbers — disappointing at least to the politicians who want more to look after — overlooks New York County Census Tract 143, which, according to The Times' handy interactive 2010 Census Map, posted some of the higher gains in the entire city — a full 38.9 percent change from 2000.

Of course the 25 people in the census tract don't represent a huge block of residents in the larger scheme of things, but numbers are numbers, and that large deep blue swath on the interactive map should make boosters breathe a little easier.

The only question to me will be What 25 people actually live in Central Park? Are there homeless encampments in the park or something? I didn't think that existed anymore. Are they counting the penguins in the zoo? Is Donald Trump squatting in the back room of one of the ice rinks?

At the very least, someone should track down these residents — what a wonderful place to live! I'm sure a lot of people would want to hear more about it.

The Census Tract 143 data from 2000 is interesting — of the 18 people living in the park, 12 were men and six were women. One person was between the ages of 10 and 14. There was one family and — unaccountably — three houses.

Then there are the 14 people who live in Brooklyn's Census Tract 407 — otherwise known as the Brooklyn portion of Evergreen Cemetery. Hrm.

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