Three Things Jen Overheard Today While She Waited For The Light To Change At 49th Street And Sixth Avenue

After leaving work today Jen waited for the light to change to cross at 49th Street and Sixth Avenue — an intersection, as Jen puts it, that functions as "the border between Times Square drunks and post-parade-down-Fifth-Avenue drunks." Here is what she overheard:

Girl Teetering In Extremely High Platform Booties: "I don't fucking want to be carried, I just want a hand!"
Confused Boyfriend-Type Guy: "With your feet?"

Soggy Yobbo In Shorts And A Sleeveless Yankees Shirt: "I gotta find something to puke in later."

Inebriated, Green-Clad Snooki Clone: "Doooo yoooou know where Connolly's bar issss?"
Hot Dog Vendor: "I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm a Muslim."
Snooki: "Yoooou don't have to apoooologize! I'm noooot a racist!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone who flooded into Midtown to toast, uh, St. Patrick.

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