Irony Alert: The 141 Characters In The Post Would Actually Almost Fit On A Tweet

Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino on Why I started a blog:

I started a blog…because Twitter doesn't have enough room for me to write shit…for short shit read my twitter…for long shit…read this

I feel you, bro! Don't let Twitter hold you back! Free Seabiscuit!

All of which brings up an interesting issue — ellipses. As regular readers know, I like to separate the periods in ellipses. I don't remember where I got period-space-period-space-period, but that's what I do. Some word processing programs reformat ellipses as a single character. I know I'd save characters if I omitted the spaces, or if I subscribed to the single-character ellipses worldview, but I'd rather be more luxurious in my punctuation. In the meantime, support Vinny in his goal to subvert the Twitter paradigm.

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