On Upsetting The Ecosystem

When the electrician was pulling the conduit wire stuff from the fuse box up through the drop ceiling in the basement, I took the opportunity to look around the space between the drop ceiling and the floorboards. There wasn't anything up there. Except for an envelope of some sort.

The next day I got Jen and Michael and we went to work dragging, pushing and prodding the envelope to a spot where we could pull it down from the space above the drop ceiling. While we sat there we all speculated what could be in the envelope. A stack of $100 bills. A will. Something very valuable. Some kind of secret. We finally grabbed the envelope and pulled it down.

The way the package was bundled made it clear it was something very important. It was thick, carefully taped and meticulously sealed. We took it outside.

Kawama, Astoria, Queens

We carefully cut away the tape and opened the package. Inside, it was like Al Capone's Vault, just a single scrap of paper:

Kawama, Astoria, Queens

If I'm correct, it's a scrap of a publication called La Palabra Diaria, published by Unity Worldwide Ministries in Unity Village, Missouri (64065-0001). And . . . that's it.

I can't figure out if this is some kind of superstition or something. If it is, it's kind of, I don't know, underwhelming.

I still have the scrap of paper, though we did not return it to its hiding place.

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