In The Rush To Report, I Feel Confused

Wait, so is it:

An ex-Rutgers student accused of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate was convicted of invasion of privacy but cleared of some of the more serious charges of bias intimidation Friday.

Dharun Ravi, 20, was stoic as the jury rendered its mixed verdict in New Jersey's Middlesex Country Superior Court after deliberating since Wednesday. [New York Daily News, 3/16/12, 11:53 a.m.]

Or is it:

A former Rutgers University student accused of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate's love life was convicted of all counts Friday in a case that exploded into the headlines when the victim of the snooping committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge.

Dharun Ravi, 20, shook his head slightly after the guilty verdicts were read for all 15 counts, including bias intimidation — a hate crime that was based on the victim's sexual orientation — and invasion of privacy. [AP, 3/16/12, 12:04 p.m.]

Is "stoic" code for "I wrote this paragraph before the actual verdict was announced"?

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