From A Motel 6

I love the vérité of seeing Nick Piecoro report live from baseball's winter meetings from what I assume is his hotel room — complete with unmade bed, oversized dress shirt and rumpled hair — in the video at this link. You have to sit through a long commercial, but it's funny to see.

Piecoro's blog is also fun for the impertinent cultural detritus he contributes (he's clearly a big indie rock nerd) at the end of his exhaustive posts about all things Diamondbacks related. Here's an example:

This might be the best gift idea I've seen this year.


Someone showed me a site with more amazing Google Street View pictures.


In town a day early, I got to see this Houston band last night called the Tontons. I was impressed.

Celebrate the impertinent! It's more fun that way . . .

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