What The Motor City Madman Hath Wrought

As the Daryl Dixon character in AMC's The Walking Dead showed in an episode that originally aired November 14, crossbows can be highly effective for killing zombies, in part because of the weapon's pinpoint accuracy but more importantly, because of its quiet nature.

I hope that it's just a coincidence that a man killed his father with a crossbow last Thursday in Toronto, Canada:

It's believed to be the first time a crossbow has been used in a homicide in Toronto.

We've gotten sucked into watching The Walking Dead — Jen first, then me. More and more people seem to be watching it, which is good for the show. I am getting a little tired of the constant pullout quotes they highlight during the on-demand interstitials — it's about humanity, I get it already! And it's appointment television, I know, but we're still a week behind!

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